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AVA TRAVEL is a group of professionals with more than 22 years of experienced Travel Company since 1996 in Myanmar. We offer excellent service through various tour programs. Our well qualified, energetic, honest, friendly, reliable and knowledgeable tour operators and guides know how to make your trip a pleasant one. We greatly contribute towards the gradual and systematic development of tourism in Myanmar. We work in such a way as to give you the finest quality and reasonable price. In Myanmar, you will find an ancient Buddhist culture that we consider as an absolute essential to preserve the environment and safeguard the values it. From our heart to bottom, some of our tours will bring you into close contact with the authentic life of our people and make you have a wonderful time being in Myanmar.

Asian Proverb

It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

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  • 102 A, 4th Floor, Dhammazedi Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar


Khin San Tint


Mrs Khin started in this industry being as a French tourist guide and saw the golden opportunity with Mr. Michel Magloff since the age of "Tourist Burma". Being the founder of AVA, she put all the efforts that the company stands strong and function properly. She never let down to both all the staffs and clients. She is now based in Italy, Verbania whereby she sees every opportunities and potential obstacles. Without her management, passion and the warmth, we wouldn't be standing as one of the strongest and reliable agents in Myanmar.

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Ye Min

Managing Director

Being born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar didn't stop him to see the greatness and development inside his own land as he stared his career by traveling around the world and getting into the world society. He co-founded the company with the other two of his colleges, Mrs. Khin San Tint and Mr. Michel Magloff since 1996. As being CEO, he has a hand in every aspect of small box; he manages from reservation to directing the needs of every tour he has. He is very responsive and observing the surroundings to let his clients to his land feeling comfortable without any trouble, which let him to see around the corner and evaluate potential obstacles. We are so lucky to have such an amazing MD as part of the head of the company.

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Win Win Nyunt


Win Win has been part of the AVA TRAVEL Co. Ltd family since the beginning. She brings humor and an unique perspective to all projects. She directs and cares of her colleagues to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We can't deny that she plays the most important role that we have high respect of her.

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Hnin Phyu Lwin

Accounting Manager

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Accounting Manager as part of our staff. She is one of the seniors of the company in taking care of all the revenues with her passion towards AVA. She is talented to run the company's revenue in order and always makes sure of things going accordingly that we are delighted to welcome her back to the family.

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Nay Chi @ Nina

Operation Manager

Nina is one of our leading operational sections. She joined the company some years later the company was founded. She operates, manage the inquiries and train newcomers with all her passion along with sense of humor. She is profession in handling the tours that we are so appreciated to have her as team member for over a decade long.

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Business Development Manager

Having experiences amongst the hotel life in States and Europe let her see the tastes of the travelers. She responses all the enquires of the clients without any hesitation as she believes time is worth every second. Though she focuses mainly the online enquiries and the marketing, she makes sure that the company keeps being updated and responsive.

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Saintsan @ Ella

Business Development Supervisor

Traveling around the world since she was nineteen years old encourages to have great social skills. In terms of our travel website development, marketing through social media is vital in this day and age. Mrs Saintsan's mind towards creativity brings every aspects and opportunities in this field for our company.

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Thin Thin Swe

Operation Supervisor

Thin Thin Swe handling from the basic requests to fulfill the needs in person. She makes sure that the tour runs without any cause that give our loyal clients full of satisfaction. As the youngest of the AVA family, this newcomer is very eager to develop and learn from all of us.

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